It’s Spring, And My Website Is Blooming Anew

Wild Geraniums (Geranium maculatum) in full flower by my door, a few days ago.

Just last week, after eight months of writing, writing, and more writing, I finished the manuscript for the third book in my Stone and Clay series. It covers the architectural geology of a huge area of northeastern Illinois—about 1,600 square miles—stretching from Homewood in the southern Chicagoland suburbs through the Lower Des Plaines Valley and western suburbs up to the North Shore, Waukegan, and Illinois Beach State Park. Now it’s off for peer review.

If you, too, are a book author, you’ll probably understand that finishing and submitting one’s latest manuscript can definitely produce a sort of post partem depression. But in this case, I was able avoid a fit of the hypos by turning immediately to a number of other projects that have long begged for my attention. So I haven’t had that miserable, what-do-I-do-next feeling this time around.

One  of these projects is a major upgrade of this website. My main goal is to make it, among other things, a discussion forum and information supplement to my books. So you’ll find new pages for both Chicago in Stone and Clay and Milwaukee in Stone and Clay. Take a look, and keep in mind that I will be updating quite frequently from now on.

In addition, I’m also redoing my Lectures and Tours pages so potential hosts and participants will see what I’m offering that’s thematically linked to the Milwaukee and Chicago books.

So . . . let me know what you think!

Kind regards,

Ray Wiggers




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